What the Take It Back PAC is all About

We are a committee founded with a vision for a better future and based on strong ideals for future candidates and campaigns.

Some people unfortunately do not fully understand the concept of what a Super PAC is or how it benefits the political process or specific candidates. They may even believe they’re wrong for our political system.

That’s OK. Not everyone is going to see our vision. We’re trying to help bring on REAL change in this great country of ours. We hope you’ll join us!

How We Help Candidates and Campaigns

We are unable to directly contribute or coordinate with any candidate’s campaign, but we CAN help indirectly boost their exposure and their ratings among voters and the mainstream media! In today’s modern society that is so media-focused, this is often even MORE important than direct campaign contributions.

Why You Should Join Our Movement

Although most of the people in the US can’t afford our own lobbyists or campaigns, we can all work together to support positive progress!

Take It Back PAC is a national grassroots movement to fight corruption by electing reformers on all levels of our democracy.

We have teams of dedicated volunteers across the country, organizing on behalf of candidates that will fundamentally reform our campaign finance system.

Read more about the problem, the plan to fix it, or our strategy. We will be posting more soon.

Want to join our mission?

We'd love to have your help!

We can’t do this alone! We NEED your support!